Then educated  healthy food students and chefs would team up to educate other schools and community outlets the art of cooking delicious healthy foods.

The next goal is to have chefs working with our students in the cafeteria during lunch preparing other delicious healthy foods.

The final goal is to have the school with the  best restaurant in the neighborhood. A school restaurant open to the public teaching and cooking delicious healthy foods.

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        ...Imagine ...

...Chefs attending your school working with teachers and students learning about cooking healthy delicious foods.  Students would video tape the chefs cooking sessions and produce web sites and DVD’s to play in the cafeteria during lunch. Students would also have the ability to take home the healthy cooking DVD’s to share with family and friends.

      ... Imagine...

...Students would visit dining establishments and complete digital investigative reporting on healthy dining ,exploring careers in the food industry and        entrepreneurism. They would host this reporting on the web and produce DVD’s,  to be played in the cafeteria during lunch and share  with friends and family.


Food Science


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