Welcome To Milwaukee’s Healthy Dining in Schools and Community


The Finest Culinary Arts Restaurant in your neighborhood is located in your local school?

                                       Is it possible?

                                         Why not?

     What’s stopping this opportunity where students and community dine in for breakfast, lunch and supper?

      Do we want the community to mingle with schools and have delicious healthy dining?

      Do we want to design a healthy society?

     We are reviewing the opportunity of enhancing students ability to recognize and prepare healthy foods. Then develop   a mentor network of quality chefs preparing delicious healthy foods for the students and community.

    This development would be conducted by teaming Milwaukee Technical College, Universities, Health & Wellness Organizations along with the food industry and entrepreneurs.



Washington H.S. of Information Technology & Culinary Arts

Click on the pictures above and listen to Mrs. Obama’s Movement of Chefs in schools,

Careers in the Food Industry, and Milwaukee Technical College of  Culinary Arts.

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